Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy comes out of Osteopathic Medicine, and is a subtle yet profound approach to healing that mobilizes soft tissue restrictions. In a Craniosacral session, the therapist works directly with the nervous system and fluid dynamics present in the anatomy (blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, motility of viscera, fascia, bones, and nerves). It is a gentle, non-invasive method of treatment that has proven to be effective in treating a wide range of medical problems associated with pain, trauma, and dysfunction. Dominique integrates Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Myofascial Release.

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shirodhara 2Shirodhara is an amazing, unique body therapy from the ancient natural medical system of Ayurveda. Shirodhara has a profound impact on the nervous system. This means, the treatment directly and immediately calms, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves. This unique treatment modality is said to have a calming effect on the deepest recesses of the brain by stimulating the endocrine system’s pituitary and pineal glands. The procedure is also said to synchronize alpha brain waves, enhance the circulatory system of the brain, improve mental clarity, and release deeply trapped toxins within the fluid system in and around the brain. This work entails the process of warm medicated aromatic oil or milk is poured in a continuous stream on the forehead, specific to third eye.

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  • Deep Tissue Relaxation Massage
  • Hot Stones
  • Prenatal & Postpartum Massage
  • Fertility Massage
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Mayan Abdominal Massage
  • Therapeutic Medical Massage Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  •  Trigger Point Therapy

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sound seed

Sound Seed is a 60-min Sound Bath that offers a unique Spiritual Journey into Deep Meditation.  Crystal  Singing Bowls, Gongs, Drums, Sacred Rattles, Shamanic Toning, Tuning Forks, Flutes and other Overtone-Emitting Instruments are used to create an environment conducive to deep relaxation and inward investigation.



A Doula is a trained and experienced labor companion who provides the woman and her partner continuous emotional support, physical comfort and assistance in obtaining information before, during, and after child birth. There are many benefits to having a doula present during labor. 

A Monitrice is professionally trained to provide clinical skills to a mother (fetal heart tones, blood pressure checks, and vaginal exams) to help the laboring woman stay at home as long as possible and to help her decide when is the appropriate time to go to the hospital to for the delivery of her baby.

A Midwife is a professional in midwifery, specializing in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, women’s sexual and reproductive health, and newborn care.

Also offering Affordable Placenta Encapsulation, Postpartum and Newborn Support.

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Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is an ancient and empirical system of medicine based on the concept of qi, which is usually translated as energy. Oriental Medicine includes the practice of Chinese herbology in addition to Acupuncture, Nutrition & Diet, Tui Na (Chinese Medical Massage), and exercise (Qi Gong) making it a very comprehensive approach to healing.

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Courses of CE through the the NCBTMB. Offerings include: The Fluid Dynamics of Craniosacral Therapy: A Fundamental Course in Biodynamics | 30 hrs CE, Exploring the Abdomen and Organ System: Balancing Visceral Dynamics | 20 hrs CE, and The Essentials of Prenatal Massage | 7 hrs CE

Other Lecture Series and Continuing Education courses aimed for birth workers and the general public on Pre and Perinatal Issues include: Understanding Epigenetics and Life-Long Vitality | 2 hrs CE, Implications for Mindful Birth | 5 hrs CE.