Craniosacral Therapy From a Different Perspective By Dominique Clothiaux-Sarff RCST

Craniosacral Therapy first emerged out of the beginnings of Osteopathic Medicine between 1864 and the 1930’s. Since then it has been an unfolding journey into how to work with the living physiology and to unlock a person’s own natural healing process in the face of disease, trauma, illness and chronic pain. Dr A.T. Stills (the founder of Osteopathic medicine) who through the great trauma of watching his children die of spinal meningitis at the hands of allopathic medicine in 1864 questioned whether the human capacity to heal was locked inside the body rather then something that could be treated by medications. “In sickness has God left man in the world of guessing?” He decided “God is not a guessing God, but a God of truth. All his works, spiritual and material, are harmonious. His law of life is absolute. So wise a God places the remedy within the material house in which the spirit dwells.” He then set out to study the mechanism behind our tissues which became the ongoing study behind true Osteopathic philosophy and would be carried on by those interested in the living organism. He discovered that through the connective tissue layers all things were connected. Viscera (organs) are connected to Soma (connective tissue, joints, nerves, blood, lymphatic vessels and basically all tissues and fluids of the body as a whole). And that any dysfunction in either system would affect the other. He discovered that by palpating the body he could actually trace how the tissue was affected through his keen sense and understanding of the living body. He also came to understand that that there was a kind of life force that organized the body that was beyond what could be seen, measured or completely understood. < ?