Craniosacral Therapy Helps Infertility

In 2011 the UK presented research on the effects of Craniosacral Therapy for infertility. The overall success rate coming out of the world’s best Fertility Clinics for IVF (In-Vetro Fertilization) success rate is only 30% for couples wishing to conceive.  However, in clinical trials done by the Biodynamic Craniosacral Association in the UK indicated the woman who received regular Craniosacral sessions while undergoing this form of conception had a success rate of over 50%! Within that same study they also found that regular Craniosacral sessions can also improve your chances of conceiving naturally! In their study they took women who underwent up to 5 years of infertility, who began to seek out regular craniosacral therapy, and 2/3rds of those women were able to conceive naturally within 1 year of treatment.

These findings are even beyond the documented success rate of Acupuncture for infertility which is currently the number one alternative/complimentary treatment acknowledged by western medicine as a possible aid for conception in the US.