Mama is Not the Only One Working Hard During Labor and Delivery

Babies are very active during the labor process. This is an aspect of Labor and Delivery that is often overlooking by both the caregivers and the parents. It seems to be the standard view point that the physiology of the mother alone and her efforts alone are the only determining factor throughout the weeks leading up to delivery (as her body gets primed for the event of birth) and during the actual labor and the delivery process. I find my clients are very surprised when I tell them how the baby is also working very hard and that the discomfort the mother is experiencing the baby is also experiencing. After all, the baby is the one trying to wiggle through the birth canal.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and its Relation to Trauma Resolution

As a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist I am trained to work with trauma. However, I am not a talk therapist. The way I am trained to work with trauma is to track what is happening in the nervous system through the felt sense via : my hands and palpatory skills, my observations of eye movements, facial expressions and body movement, the facial dynamics and motility holding patterns around organs, how the whole body fluid is orientating to the original fluid dynamics that we went through as an embryo, the articulation of brain through the pumping of cerebral spinal fluid and the movement of the cranial bones, and with my whole body through the resonance field.

I am essential listening to the whole physiology in the body and how it is interacting with the Breath of Life which is the driver and organizer of the whole system. I also listen with my ears to what and how clients tell me stories, to pick up ques’ as to how the experience in life in being manifested in the body. I also listen with my hands and my whole body which will mirror the clients wiring of the nervous system.