Craniosacral Therapy and Prenatal Care

Therapy is a type of Manual Therapy that Calms/Balances the Nervous System of
both, mother and child, encouraging emotional bonding which can otherwise be
short-circuited due to pre-natal and birth trauma/stress. When Mom’s
system is soothed and balanced during pregnancy, baby gains huge benefits. The
mother also benefits.  Quality of prenatal
care has a vast affect on birth outcomes. The best prenatal care includes one
that addressed both the physical and emotional wellbeing of the mother. Craniosacral
throughout pregnancy can help a mother be in process with her baby (and her
life!) while creating an opportunity to let go of any physical condition she
may be holding on to in her body.

Therapy is a whole body therapy that uses a light touch to listen to subtle
rhythms and patterns within fascial system of the body. Unresolved tensions
from physical and emotional stress can affect and restrict the natural healthy
motion and function of the Muscular Skeletal System AND the Central Nervous
System within the body, leading to stress symptoms, discomfort and pain.
Craniosacral Therapy enables the body to realign to its natural health and
healing place by restoring motion and vitality.

Basic Principles of Craniosacral Therapy:

are 2 basic forces at work in the living body: the Biodynamic Potencies generated
by the Breath of Life and Biokinetic or Conditional Forces introduced
into the system via trauma and life experiences (inertial fulcrums).

system function is driving the conditional forces (and vice versa) which can
restrict the potent expression of the Inherent Health.

craniosacral system (CSS) consists of the brain, spinal cord and the three
membranes that completely surround it, the cerebral spinal fluid, and the
fascial connections to all systems of the body through fluid dynamics and
nervous system balance.

practitioner uses gentle soft tissue release by ‘listening’ to the craniosacral
rhythms to release tension in the fascia and fluid system throughout the whole
body. The craniosacral therapist assesses the body for restrictions and uses a
very light touch to encourage expansion, mobility and healing. 

from other systems of the body, the CSS actually slows down and enters into
stillpoints. These rests are a therapeutic time of revitalization for the
CSS—similar to rebooting a computer. After facilitating a craniosacral
stillpoint, the individual’s CSS functions more strongly and is better
coordinated; the body is using its own innate ability to heal. This balances
the nervous system and greatly benefits the health of the baby.

Craniosacral Therapy Sessions During Pregnancy Can Help:

Health, Well-Being and Immunity.



Stress and Anxiety


and Back Pain


Brain Health and Nervous System Regulation for both Moms and Babies.


unborn and infant child experiences what the mother experiences, what the
family experiences, and builds their body to suit the environment surrounding
the outside field of which it grows – this provides the template for physical
and mental health decades later. = Epigenetics – precursor to if and when
certain genes will be turned on later on in life.

Cortisol – effects of high stress

Prenatal Care that is more than just diet and
lifestyle is very important to birth outcomes and the future health of the
child. This consideration is an essential ingredient that all too often lacking
within the Medical Model of Care. The Midwifery Model of Care provides the kind
of care that incorporates physical, psychological and spiritual support.

Bodywork will not be able to replace this kind of holistic
care; however, it can greatly enhance a woman’s self care regimen in pregnancy
which directly affects the overall Health of mother and child.