‘Good beginnings make a positive difference in the world, so it is worth our while to provide the best possible care for mothers and babies throughout this extraordinarily influential part of life.’ – Ina May Gaskin

Doula & Monitrice Services

What We Offer…

An initial meeting to interview and to discuss my services at your birth with no obligation

*Birth Doula Package* ($800) Includes

Unlimited phone and e-mail support Three Third Trimester Visits to…

The 1st meeting (in-home) is a discussion meeting as a way to get acquainted with one another and to talk about birth! Topics discussed will include:


  • Help forming a birth plan and discuss how each member of the birth team may work together to support mom.
  • Questions / answers about labor, birth, breastfeeding and the postpartum time period, introduction to the normal physiology of birth.
  • How to ask the right questions and facilitate open discussion with the caregiver.
  • The Midwifery Model of Care and how to bring those qualities to a hospital birth.
  • Question / answers about hospital protocols and policy,
  • Complications of pregnancy how to deal and understand how that could effect how a woman labors.
  • Help finding answers to questions coming up in prenatal visits with caregiver that seem unclear.
  • Discussion on how to best support the laboring woman.
  • Individual requests for support during the time of birth.
  • The 2nd meeting (in-home) is a more active meeting to clarify what to expect when labor begins and offers an opportunity for all members of the birth team to practice supporting the mother through contractions. Topics to be explored include:

    • The 3 stages of birth, clarifying the difference between early, active and transition contraction patterns.
    • Postures and when to use them.
    • Natural pain relieving techniques, breath work and mindfulness based practices.
    • Showing massage and other hands-on techniques for the partner to practice in the days leading up to birth and during the laboring process.
    • Help with the postpartum plan and looking at your circle of support after you come home from the hospital in a realistic way.

    The 3rd meeting (in-office) is a private meeting with the mother where I offer a Somatic Birth Preparation Session to explore the intention or theme presenting in the field, as a woman gets closer to birth. Within that meeting we can check-in about any concerns about birth , practice positions for laboring, breath work, somatic focusing techniques to begin practicing in preparation for giving birth, and ways to work with her nervous system as the days of going into labor grow nearer. In so many ways, the pregnant mom has to walk through labor / birth in her own terms and in her own way. This session provides a weather check as she physically gets closer to birthing.

    Also included in your package:

    • 2 Prenatal Massage Therapy sessions
    • 1 Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Session
    • Continual support during birth time
    • One to two hours of assistance immediately after the baby is born

    Two postpartum visit….

    • 1st Home-Visit 1-2 days after coming home from the hospital to support well-being of the new family dynamics, be available for breastfeeding support and to reflect upon the birth.
    • 2nd Home-Visit 2 weeks after the birth to check-in on mom’s recovery, breastfeeding support, soothing techniques for newborn, offer Craniosacral for baby and to complete our journey together as your birth doula.

*Monitrice Services *($1300)

package includes everything in Birth Doula Package plus:

Monitrice work is very similar to doula work, with a larger range of support options. It means that the Monitrice has basic midwifery skills along with doula skills. A Monitrice continues to provide labor support, still provide guidance and reassurance during birth, and still use all the labor support tools of a doula, however as a monitrice she is professionally trained to provide clinical skills to a mother (fetal heart tones, blood pressure checks, and vaginal exams) in addition to the Doula services. Note that Monitrice do not make clinical care decisions or catch your baby. Service only available for Hospital Births. 
When a healthy, low risk client hires a monitrice they have the freedom of staying home longer before moving to their place of birth, while having the skills to know mom and baby are doing well. A monitrice can monitor fetal heart tones, blood pressure, and can check cervical dilation, effacement, and station. This can be especially helpful to a mother who is planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), or a mother who is afraid of going to the hospital too soon and would like to minimize unneeded interventions.

Benefits to Working with a Monitrice

1. A monitrice is professionally trained in both maternal-child health as well as labor support.

2. A monitrice can work with you at home prior to coming into the hospital.

3. While at home, a monitrice can monitor your labor by listening to your baby’s heart rate, checking cervical dilatation and observing for normal and abnormal labor patterns.

4. When your labor begins spontaneously, the monitrice can come to your home and work with you there until late active labor, so in many circumstances you can stay at home until 8 cm dilatation before coming into the hospital.

5. A monitrice is trained in normal newborn delivery & neonatal resuscitation in the event the baby comes faster than expected. She is also trained in fetal heart rate monitoring and newborn care and breastfeeding assistance.

6. A monitrice is trained in providing labor support for natural birth. She uses tools such as positioning, teaching abdominal breathing and deep relaxation, as well as other tools to facilitate a natural birth.

7. A monitrice has knowledge of labor and birth interventions. She can explain risks and benefits of labor medications and procedures such as epidural anesthesia and cesarean section.

8. A monitrice can speak to the primary health care provider and hospital nurses about your preferences and plan of care during the labor and birth process.

9. A monitrice can assist after the birth with the initiation of breastfeeding and evaluating normal and abnormal postpartum concerns.

10. A monitrice can evaluate newborns after mother and baby are discharged from the hospital and make appropriate referrals to lactations consultants and pediatricians in situations where mother and/or baby need further care.

About the Monitrice: Dominique Clothiaux has been attending birth since 2007 and has assisted in over 100 births both as a Certified Doula and a Birth Assistant for Midwives. She is a full time student at the Academy of Experiential Midwifery under going a vigorous educational training as a Student Midwife working towards becoming a Certified Professional Midwife specializing in out-of-hospital birth.

*Postpartum Doula Support* ($800 package or $20hr)Includes

I provide postpartum care anywhere between birth and 12 weeks. Postpartum care is especially helpful during the first several weeks of a baby’s life when breastfeeding is getting established.  Postpartum Packages are available for Families whether I attend their birth or not.

 Unlimited phone and e-mail support

  • Services may include:
    •  Anything that Helps the Mother to Physically Recover from Birth
    •  Detailed House Cleaning
    •  Laundry Doing and Folding
    •  Changing and Washing Sheets
    • Running Errands and Food Shopping
    • Meal Preparation
    • Taking Care of Pets
    • Breastfeeding Support
    • Infant Massage Techniques
    • Craniosacral Therapy for Baby
    • Assisting Parents with Infant Care Techniques:  Infant Bathing, Baby Soothing Skills, Helping Parents to Develop Their Own Styles of Nurturing and Bonding with Baby
    • Available to Help Process Any Emotions
    • Validates the Normal Adjustment Process
    • Connecting Family to Local Community, New Mothers and Helpful Resources
    • Provides Space for New Mother to Rest, Shower and Nurture Herself.

Also, available to offer Massage Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy for Moms and Dads in home. Please Note: Postpartum Massage is contraindicated until 2 wks Postpartum for Vaginal Uncomplicated Births and After 6 wks for Cesarean Birth.

$800 for a full package of 2 – 4 hours visits a week for 4 weeks (8 hrs a week = 32 hrs total) OR $20 an hour plus a $20 a day traveling fee.


Craniosacral Therapy for Baby

Dominique Clothiaux holds the highest credentials in craniosacral therapy available outside of Osteopathic Medicine and is a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist with the Biodynamic Craniosacral Association of North America. Many times mom, baby and dad can be affected by the birth and this can get in the way of successful breastfeeding and cause health problems for baby. Babies and prenates routinely suffer traumatic experiences that negatively impact their development. In later life, unresolved early trauma affects personality, behavior, relationship formation and overall health. An infant’s ability to perceive its surroundings is truly remarkable. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a form of hands-on, manual therapy that can help resolve the trapped forces that underlie and govern patterns of disease and fragmentation in both body and mind. The whole intention behind this work is to enhance the body’s own self-healing and self-regulating capabilities. A little goes a long way in treating babies. Whatever can be resolved during infancy, often in only a few sessions, can prevent decades of medical and psychological treatment later on in life.

– $50 a session at my 1118 E. Market St office ($135 for 3 sessions)

– $70 a session ($180 for 3 sessions) and I will travel to your home ($180 for 3 sessions)

Overnight Doula Support

Overnight Doula Support focuses primarily on baby care to insure that baby is properly cared for while the new parents rest. I am available for one overnight of support a week Monday through Friday. This services does not include cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, etc. I will need a place to sleep and rest (a couch is fine). The baby must be able to sleep in the same space as me. I will rest and sleep when the baby sleeps both for my well being and because babies tend to pace their breathing to a sleeping adult and this will encourage healthy sleeping patterns. I will wake up with the baby to either bring baby to be nursed (while taking care of the rest; diapers, burping and settling baby down) or I will bottle feed as the mother sleeps. This service is a worthwhile treat for sleep-deprived new families.

 Fee:$150 from 9PM – 7AM

Lactation Consultation

Dominique is a Certified Lactation Consultant and offers support for difficulties with latch-on or sucking, trauma and health issues that complicate breastfeeding. Seeing a lactation consultant can help you resolve these issues before you give up. It is recommended for first time mothers to seek hands on help from a professional lactation consultant with in the first few days after birth. Dominique combines her knowledge in craniosacral therapy and lactation to best support the mom and baby through this time.

– $30 newborn consultation at the hospital (must give 24 hr notice) OR over the phone consult

– $50 for a 1hr session at my 1118 E. Market St office

– $70 for a 1hr private session at your home

Prenatal Massage

Dominique is a licensed massage therapist and instructor in massage therapy since 2004. Modern science has proven that regular massage during pregnancy can be an instrumental part of a woman’s prenatal care. Studies done by the American Pregnancy Association have proven that prenatal massage reduces anxiety, decreases symptoms of depression, relieves muscle aches and joint pain, and improves labor outcomes and newborn health.

– $80 a session at my 1118 E. Market St office ($280 for 4 weekly or bi-weekly sessions)

– $100 a session to travel to your home ($360 for 4 weekly or biweekly sessions)