Heather Lutz

Heather Lutz is an Energy Therapist and Postpartum Doula. She holds an M.Ed. in Educational Psychology from the University of Virginia.  For the past 5 years, she has been studying Energy Medicine completing a 2-year training in Energy Healing and Personal Transformation in 2016.  She is currently being trainined in Polarity Therapy, an energy medicine practice. Her skills in Energy Therapy comes from the principles of Brennan Healing Science taught through the Healing Heart School as well as skills and techniques taught by the Essential Light Institute. As an Energy Therapist, she examines any unease or disease with an understanding that its causes involves an energetic, mental and emotional component.  Together with the client, she will work to uncover the layers of the concern and bring it to a place of balance and harmonious flow.  Her work as a doula is based on her formal education and influenced by Montessori philosophy and attachment psychology.  She spent time in India conducting research on the emotional and psychological impacts on students placed in residential education suffering from the removal of the home environment.  Heather has been a yoga practitioner for the past 10 years which has also contributed to her work.  She is also a mother of three which gives her perspective in which to ground doula support.

“In a society where family is increasingly in wide-spread geographical locations in a culture that places more burden on the family unit, there is increasingly less support for parents. I understand how vital it is to the peace and well-being of the family to have grounded support that addresses the family’s unique needs.  I am looking forward to learning your family and how I can best support your health.” Heather Lutz

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