Life-Tuning Transformational Yoga Therapy

Life-Tuning Transformational Yoga Therapy is intensive personal guidance with Tina Michelle. It is a highly personalized journey for healing and transformation that starts with a body-mind-spirit intake/assessment. You will receive a hard-copy analysis of what practices will specifically benefit your practice and your over-all health and well-being. This detailed personal analysis and instruction embodies the complete practice of yoga and is a custom designed blueprint for tangible and significant expansion.

Specific asana, pranayama (breathing practices) and meditations will be prescribed for you. The final elements of Life Tuning Yoga Therapy are customized NLP and hypnosis exercises that help to reverse the thought and behavior patterns that keep you repeating destructive cycles in your life.

Spiritual guidance, mental reprogramming, and physical re-alignment will provide you With a clear plan for lasting transformation. Absorb the insightful, compassionate and skilled solutions for your growth and healing with this unique body-mind-spirit guidance and therapy.


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