Dominique’s skill as a body worker is an amazing experience. I have received both Swedish Massage and Cranial Sacral work from her. The Swedish Massage was amazing but the Cranial work was profound. I have never experienced such a sense of coming home….. to the place that is with out all the protective layers that build up without even noticing. She brought me back to the place of presence from which to begin again to encounter the world and all it’s beauty and complexity. Jennifer Elliot

Domonique is wonderful. I highly recommend Shirodhara and cranial sacral massage at Birth and Biodynamics to anyone looking to calm their mind and body and improve their well-being! It is such a treat to receive this gift-give it to yourself or anyone you love 🙂 Bridget B

Cranial Sacral therapy is integral to my overall heath, and Dominique is an outstanding practitioner of this gentle yet powerful practice. As one of Dominique’s clients for many years, I am grateful for the healing work that she provides to me and to our community. Betsy Hall

After 4 doctors, 2 ER visits, and my chiropractor my daughter was still suffering from a full migraine episode she had had since the 16th of august, she saw Dominique one time and 99 percent of her head cleared, she is excited to see her for her second! Hope was found Carrie Wendell

Dominique is an amazing doula. She helped us with the pregnancy/birth of our twin sons and couldn’t have been a better guide. She went above and beyond in so many ways throughout the process. I honestly do not know what we would have done without her! Meghan S-F

I had the great fortune of having Dominique as my doula for both of my son’s births. Her boundless skills, intuitive knowledge of the body and collaborative focus helped to create a unique and loving laboring environment. I can’t say enough good things about Dominique!! Neg M

My family had the immense good fortune of having Dominique support us during the birth of our first child. Beginning several months before the birth, Dominique worked with my husband and me to prepare us physically, emotionally, and spiritually for the coming experience. She carefully researched and presented all the resources that we might need and crafted a birth plan with every possible scenario in mind. She assisted both my husband and me in trying to actualize the birth we had both imagined. With Dominique’s careful guidance, gifted hands, and powerfully positive energy, we were able to have the natural and beautiful birthing experience we had dreamed of.

Gini Zapata, Charlottesville Va.

Dominique was my doula when I gave birth to my daughter.
She was my guardian angel. I could not achieve the natural birth I had always wanted without her.
She supported me throughout my unusually long labor at MJH, gentle, encouraging, and resourceful.
She worked extremely well with my husband, doctor, and nurses as well.
She is knowledgeable, multi-talented, and a tremendous asset to any birthing mother.

Nat F. Charlottesville, VA

I have worked with Dominique for over two years and she has been most helpful in addressing a long standing torque in my back.  The biodynamic approach is safe and comfortable but requires the sort of personal insight and character which I have found Dominque to have.

Bruce G. Charlottesville, Va

Dominique has a gentle and allowing presence.   She is a great listener, listening both to my words and to my body with sensitivity and respect.   A clear communicator, she creates a treatment plan with me for every session designed to address issues that are presenting in my body and body/mind.  Her work is subtle, intuitive, and profound.  I always leave feeling more balanced and at ease in my whole being.  I am deeply grateful for Dominique.


Jeannette Payne Charlottesville, VA

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dominique as a doula! With the birth of my second son, I was worried about having the kind of back labor I had with my first delivery. Dominique, as a massage therapist, knew many techniques that we could use to ease the pain I had anticipated without using drugs. She came to our house ahead of the birth to show me and my husband a variety of calming and relaxing positions to try during the early stages of labor. My husband remarked that Dominique’s mini-lesson was more informative and relevant than the month-long prenatal course we took at the hospital in anticipation of our first son’s birth! Dominique was on call for me (she gave me her special doula phone number). I was nervous about the anticipated pain of an unmedicated birth, and she was so wonderful with good advice and caring words. When the day arrived, Dominique met us at the hospital early in the morning. I truly believe that I would not have made it through birth without drugs if she weren’t there to guide me. She used massage techniques to get me through the labor contractions and worked well with my husband, respecting me and him as a couple. After the birth, I had serious unforeseen complications, and Dominique stayed with me, holding my hand and being supportive, up until I went into the operating room. She would have stayed until I returned from surgery, but the nurses advised her to go home. She made sure to visit us the next day.

Dominique is a true angel — trustworthy, experienced, and compassionate.

Alex D. Lexington, Va

When planning for the birth of our second child, my husband and I knew we had to do something different.  My first labor resulted in far too many medical interventions due to lack of understanding on our part and poor communication between the nursing staff at the hospital and my doctor.  We knew we needed an advocate that would help us follow our birth plan and make appropriate changes as needed throughout labor (because when you are in so much pain, it’s just hard to focus on the big picture).  My OB suggested Dominique.  We immediately felt at ease with her, as she is such a grounding presence.  When writing our birth plan, she was knowledgeable about my medical situation and was the first to admit that a potential need for another c-section was a strong possibility (which, while devastating for me, it was easier to hear from Dominique).  After being put on bed rest and told by my doctor that a c-section was inevitable, Dominique offered us a variety of extra services, including massage and craniosacral therapy, since she wouldn’t be required to coach me through labor.  Nonetheless, on the morning of my scheduled surgery, she was waiting for us when we walked through the doors of the hospital holding breakfast for my husband (part of our birth plan was that she would help take care of him to ease my worry).  She offered massage while the nurses and doctors prepped me for surgery, waited in my room the entire morning, and was there when we finally returned (plus one) in early afternoon.  She stayed until she was sure we were doing well.  She returned to the hospital twice more during our stay.  Dominique’s support was phenomenal.

Jenny I. Charlottesville, Va

In my view, she is the BEST Douala out there. She is experienced, caring, and a strong support for a birthing mother. I found her just the day before my due date. She came to my house and gave me great instructions that truly helped me throughout my delivery. She stayed with me throughout my many hours of painful labor without epidural. She was soft-spoken and gentle, but I felt her strong spirit and support during the entire time. She was creative and used a variety of methods to help me. Her work ethics were also unparalleled. She massaged me for many hours to ease my pain. Remember, she’s also a professional massage therapist and cranial sacral therapist. She never rested or ate much during the entire time at the hospital and she came to visit me in the early am, just hours after heading back home for a short sleep. She also deeply impressed my OB and other nurses at MJH. She was unobtrusive, let them do their job, yet provided creative suggestions to them and us. She is a true God-sent during that most important and challenging event in my life. I thank her forever. I am an educated professional. I also know many women are hesitant about Douala service. But if you find an outstanding one like Dominique, trust her, learn from her, and believe in yourself, you’ll be able to have a wonderful delivery without epidural if so chosen by you. She’s a true asset to all delivery women.

Nat F. Charlottesville, Va