Tina Michelle

Tina Michelle began her journey with the theory and practice of yoga at the age of 14. Her commitment to daily self-practice began at the age of 17. She began her world-wide travels and dedication to seeking guidance and instruction wherever she traveled in 1989. She first arrived to India at the age of 21 in 1992. There she encountered many yogis and studied in the manner of direct learning in both private and group settings, passing on the practice of yoga and expanding its influence across cultural and geographic borders.

She continued to travel internationally over the last 28 years with India and South East Asia being central to her travel patterns. Over decades she began to teach as well as continue to study intensively with masters and gurus. She lived and studied long term with the following masters:

Swami Dhayan Sagar of Pokhara, Nepal; Guru Bhagavan Shanmukha Anantha Natha of Gaji Baga, India; Guru Raj Vipay of Varanasi, India; Guru BNS Iyengar of Mysore, India; Master Eveli Sabatie of Morocco; Ram Giri Baba (Master Randal O’Leary) USA.

Tina has retroactively acquired her RYT200 with Yoga Acharya Harish Chandra of Atri Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh  and her RYT500 with a focus in yoga therapy with the Biologist and master Yogi Chetan Mahesh and Master Yogi Yogendra Mishra Both Of the Association of Yoga and Meditation in Rishikesh, India.

Alongside her decades of dedicated yoga practice and teaching she emerged as a healer, first through the yogic tradition of Prana Healing. Eventually she integrated the practice of Reiki into her healing work. She received her initiation as a Reiki Master and currently offers both individual healing and group trainings and initiations. As part of Tina’s ongoing studies of spiritual and healing texts across many world traditions she also has an in-depth knowledge of Western philosophy and psychology and is a certified Hypnotherapist.

For three years Tina offered guidance and healing in her own yoga shala and healing center, in Goa India. In Rishikesh, India she worked alongside Pandit Vishnu at World Peace Yoga Ashram. She was the senior yoga instructor and curriculum designer for Yoga Teacher Training programs. Tina offered teaching, guidance, healing and therapies at Illuminations Well being Center in Dubai and for a year worked as a freelance therapist and teacher in Dubai. She was most recently based in Koh Samui, Thailand living and practicing quietly in a simple jungle cabin where she ran a small wellness and detox cafe called Sook Project. There, she offered private instruction and therapies and focused on wellness and self-evolution group retreats.

Tina has now come to live and settle in Charlottseville, Va to live near her family and offer her years of immersion in other cultures, spiritual traditions, therapies and practices in the United States. Tina offers her guidance and therapies both privately and in groups.

To learn more about Tina’s work please visit www.yogaisforhappiness.com



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