Visceral Abdominal Massage in Charlottesville, Va

Did you know….. Dominique is one of the Only Therapist in our area that has extensive training and experience in Abdominal and Visceral Manipulation Therapy? She has taught many therapist her techniques over the years through her course: Exploring the Abdomen and Organ System: Balancing Visceral Dynamics a 20 hr NCBTMB approved CE course for massage therapist. Many therapist and clients choose to forgo abdominal massage as the abdomen is a very sensitive and vulnerable place. However, that is why this work can be so powerful to experience with a skilled therapist of which you can trust. The work is amazing in fact and has the ability to jump start the healing process unlike any other modality.

Health Benefits of Visceral Abdominal Massage:
Improves digestive, balances hormones. Stimulates the gall bladder, the liver, and the pancreas, improving absorption of oxygen and nutrients and helping release waste. Breaks down adhesions, enhances the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, helps align the pelvic bones, corrects hiatal hernias, ease symptoms of diverticulitis, cures chronic back pain, strengthens abdominal muscles and releases deep muscle tissue spasms.